steeple chase

It was the exotic name of that gorgeous apartment complex off Dayton city.

The logo in green-brown-beige colors was a pair of beautiful horses with long manes bouncing as they race side by side.

Steeple chase also comes as the main lifesaver theme from an advice columnist who was pressed for an answer to the question: what if all is lost and you found yourself in the midst of a crap tornado.

It was an insightful advice. She said when in the midst of a crap tornado look for a steeple to fix your gaze at to remind you who you are.

And I really relish this advice.

My question is: what kind of steeple can remind me who I am in the midst of a crap tornado that makes you want to remember your name for dear life?

Can I actually answer that?

At this point, I don’t even know that.

I read up on steeples and steeplechase and found out that it all started from the Irish who evidently grow a church in every few feet and so in the old days when people raced and needed some type of marker that could be seen from a distance, they picked church steeples as their most obvious markers in the race. And they walk through lakes, traverse rivers, climb over obstacles of all sorts with their gaze fixed at the church steeple until they’d arrive at their destination.

The image is inspiring. It reminded me my single-minded determination back in my early 20s.  I still have the single-minded determination only this time I no longer know what my steeple is.

It’s a loss of self. It’s so foggy around. And scary. Life is not waiting for me to decide. Life moves on. I want to move on with life.


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